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OMAGGIO A TERZANI : la Cambogia, le nuove elezioni e un passato da ricordare » Ghost

Tiziano Terzani called them “Ghosts”. Cambodians, survivors from a war they had never belonged to. Those who, stumbling on their unsteady feet, walked away from their homeland; no more home, no more family, only a confused thought rising with the determination: to go ahead.
In 1979 the Vietnamese army set free Phnom Penh and the whole country from the dictatorship of the Khmer Rouge. After 5 years, Pol Pot’s dream to create a new mankind, according to a deformed interpretation of Marx’s theories, came to an end. Almost three million people lay beneath the red soil, resting in mass graves or charnel-houses built inside caves.
The Angkar’s aim was the extirpation of every past symbol, from religion to history, from culture to political ideologies. Especially the family, always the nucleus of the Cambodians’ life, was extirpated, separating wives from their husbands, mothers from their sons.



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